/ Jun 30, 2009

“MoneyGram” to establish its network server division centre at the TDB

Trade and Development Bank (TDB) has been partnering with the global money transfer leader “MoneyGram International” since 2000.

On June 24th “MoneyGram” representatives Nicholas Ware, senior POS manager and Andy Liu, agent support manager, held a meeting with the management team of TDB and organized a seminar for the IT Department (ITD) of the Bank. The seminar took place on 24th and 25th of June and the professionals from the ITD completed the set up of the project’s technical solution by developing their own softwares and succeeded to connect with the “Moneygram” main system by installing the “Moneygram” system server at the TDB.

Two day seminar organized by “MoneyGram” also covered developing and improving the current network in Mongolia, and how to improve the coverage of “MoneyGram” throughout the country. The following professionals participated from TDB in the seminar and completed the set up process: E.Altangerel (IT), N.Hulan (IT), T. Bat-Erdene (IT), G.Enhbat (IT), K.Munkhbat (CSU), Kh.Ankhsuren (RBD).

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