/ Mar 27, 2014

“Mongolian Memory Championship” was organized successfully under the name of TDB.

“Mongolian Memory Championship” was organized successfully for the 4th time by Mongolian Intellectual Academy under the name of Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia. The goal of the national championship is to support the intelligent youths, to show the possibility of using their brain actively and to select mind sport players who are going to participate in the international and world championships. Total 120 participants, who were aged between 9-34 years, competed and 52 participants were selected to the final stage.


The finalists were:

General category:

The 1st place – Ts.Bat-Erdene, Master

The 2nd place – U.Sengesamdan, Master

The 3rd place – S.Tsogbadrakh, Master

Teenager’s category:

The 1st place – Ts.Bat-Erdene, Master

The 2nd place – Z.Tsetsegzul

The 3rd place – E.Purevjav

The winner of the championship, master Ts.Bat-Erdene upgraded his achievement and written in the 15th place by the world rank by updating his 2 of the world record in the teenager’s category. Furthermore, the update of Mongolian 7 record and world 4 records shows that the Mongolian competitive capability in the world.


The finalists will be participating in the international competitions in Japan, England, Philippines and Sweden. Moreover, master Ts.Bat-Erdene will be competing in “Extreme Memory Tournament” which will be organized in USA between the best 16 players in the world.


As the leading bank in Mongolian banking sector, the Bank recognizes its social responsibility. Therefore, TDB invests and supports intellectual education.


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