/ Jan 24, 2020


“Мy Club” online club is a voluntary organization that works to inform the youth on ecology, environmental protection, and encourage them to participate in planting, and watering trees through youth partnership. The club, since its founding in 2007, has been able to engage thousands of young people in planting, watering and caring for trees in Songinokhairkhan and Baganuur districts of Ulaanbaatar city, Erdene soum of Tuv province, Bayannuur soum of Bulgan province, Sukhbaatar city of Selenge province, and Hamariin hiid temple of Dornogovi province. The participation of the youth increased every year, and by 2016, 2232 people have participated in the cause compared to 773 people in 2009.

We have joined this cause for 3rd year by volunteering in watering trees and through donations as part of the Sustainable Finance Initiative. The Bank employees have watered 8,000 trees in Argalant Soum of Tuv province on 27th of May. In previous years, we have watered trees in Baganuur district and Erdene soum of Tuv province. Organizers of the “My Club” commented on our work and expressed their genuine satisfaction for our employees.

The professionals have notes that due to the increasing desertification, the current goal is to keep the desertification from moving into the city. That is why the club focuses on rural areas surrounding the city and works to plant trees there. Planting trees takes a lot of care and specifically watering under the guidance of professionals. Since this takes a lot of work, volunteers are very much needed.

We believe that more and more businesses will join the cause to protect the environment. Together we can leave a better world for the future generation by loving and protecting the environment today.


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