/ Jan 24, 2020


As part of the campaign, TDB distributed, through its countryside branches, 821 blankets for the livestock, 1050 coverings for newborn animals, candles, matches, gloves, flashlights along with its batteries, children’s clothes worth 2.0 mil. MNT, about 400 haystacks, about 50 bags of bran, all of which have value of 10.0 mil MNT to herders in Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon, Dornod provinces and Khutul and Zuunkharaa soums of Selenge province, the locations highly affected by the rough winter, together with Provinces’ Emergency Management Committees and the Red Cross Society of Mongolia.

Darkhan-uul: TDB has initiated a donation campaign among the bank branches in Darkhan city. As part of the donation, Chingis Khan bank gave 50,000 MNT, Xac Bank gave 110,000 MNT and the National Investment Bank gave 100,000 MNT to support the cause. The donations were collected and given to the mayor of Darkhan City Mr. Nergui.N at the joint meeting of mayor, and directors of departments of Darkhan city. The Mayor Mr. Nergui has received the items and the donations with gratitude and has implied that they will be distributing them among families in need.

Orkhon: In partnership with the Emergency Management Agency of Orkhon province, we donated warm winter clothes such as coats, snow pants, gloves, hats, and scarves to the children of herder families along with blankets and coverings for the livestock, flashlights, candles and matchsticks.

Dornod: In partnership with the Mongolian Red Cross Society, haystacks, forages for livestock and other necessary items have been donated to the herder families.

Zuunkharaa: The forages for the livestock, and other necessary items for herder families who have been affected by the rough winter have been delivered to Red Cross Society of Zuunkharaa soum of Selenge province who will distribute them to families in need.

Khutul: 20 herder families that have been affected by the winter the hardest were selected. The items sent by the employees of TDB with additional haystack, blankets, gloves, matchsticks, and candles were distributed to the families.




May goodness abound

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