/ Jan 24, 2020


The book is a bridge to discovering and discovering the world of children and young people who define the development of their homeland. To this end, TDB is planning to modernize and enrich its 28 secondary school libraries by the 28th anniversary.

As a commencement of this work, 52nd Secondary School Library is presented bookshelf with books that are useful to students. Bookshelf is designed as map of Mongolia which was very attractive. The selected books were world and Mongolian classics, and fairy tales that were aimed for the students' cognitive and mental development. The books were also good guide for personal development of educators and staff.

According to S. Orgodol, Deputy CEO of the Bank, at the opening of the library, "The library we are presenting will give a small contribution to the students and their teachers to travel the marvelous world of books, giving them a great intellectual comfort while upbringing students as intelligent citizens.”








May the book merit blossom

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