/ Jan 24, 2020


TDB traditionally celebrates the holiday of its little customers every year. This year, we planned age-appropriate gift for our little savings account holders, and kicks off the "MAAMUU CHILDREN’S DAY" with 3 to 6-year-olds.  This children's celebration was organized in collaboration with the national content company Mongolia Content LLC in Bayangol Restaurant.

Over 300 TDB's clients attended the "Maamuu Children's Day," featuring Maamuu, content with cute toys Aami, Taami and presenter Amina, Tamira, clown, cute Pororo, and his friends, as well as art and circus shows and colorful photo shows. An exciting day of fun drawing and puzzle games. As a surprise, the organizers have prepared two new episodes of the Maamu cartoon with the Maamuu brand gift.

TDB is planning to organize this “Maamuu Children's Day” also for its young children in Darkhan and Erdenet cities.

The bank has planned the following events for its children to prior to National Children's day.

  • Free child deposits with MNT 20,000 for each child born in Mongolia on June 1, 2018,
  • Children from 7 to 13 years old enjoy free play in 7 sets of National Amusement Park
  • Children from 14 to 17 years old enjoy free voucher to buy books from “Internom” Book Store
  • And “Junior Customer” event for clients turning 18 for the 6th consecutive year.













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