/ Jul 09, 2019

Celebrated Biggest International Children's Day Event with kids and youth

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, Trade and Development Bank hosted “Maamuu with Saving” event with children and youths on Sukhbaatar Square, June 2nd.

Around 50 thousand children and parents gathered and celebrated the biggest Children’s Day event with many surprises and lucky draws.

During the event, everything was free including food, beverages, recreation areas, games, toys, and live performances.

Also, pediatric dentist and ophthalmologist did free check up on every kid.

The biggest surprise was the lucky draw which 3 kids won the voucher to travel to Hong Kong and Macau to visit Disneyland with their families and 9 kids won 1 million MNT saving-account.

Also organized 4 fun games between the parents to win bikes, and scooters.

At the main stage 6 hours of live performances held, including:

  • Puppetry Theater performance;
  • National Circus performance;
  • , performance;
  • Хүүхэлдэйн баатруудын үзүүлбэр;
  • Singer Uka;
  • Singer Bayartsengel;
  • Singer Naki;
  • Rapper Tsetse;
  • Singer Duo Zorigt and Hishigdalai;
  • band;
  • ;
  • Aim4r Production Dance performance;
  • band.

Trade and Development Bank running many projects aimed at Children’s health and education. We hope that the event we held brought joy and happiness to our little customers and would be one of the highlights of their childhood.

Children Friendly Bank
Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia

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